Cost-Effectiveness in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

The use of multi-layer silicone foam dressings used to prevent the development of hospital acquired pressure ulcers has received increasing attention over the past 8-years.  This presentation will review the current clinical and cost effectiveness evidence to support their use in clinical practice.  The strength of the evidence will be presented in the form of recent trials in clinical settings such as intensive care units, general wards and the aged care setting.  Similarly, the evidence of cost effectiveness will also be reviewed from the published literature.  Importantly, a comparison will be will be made of the relative strength of evidence for a number of multi-layer silicone foam dressings.  It is essential that clinicians use the best available evidence when deciding to use prophylactic dressings to prevent the development of hospital acquired pressure ulcers.  It is hoped that this presentation will enable both clinicians and clinical managers to make well informed decisions about which dressings to use based on the strength of the current research evidence.